Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

March 17, 2020

To all our Dear and Valued Customers,

As we enter together into a very unsettled time in our country, we want to take just a moment to first and foremost wish you, your employees, and your families continued health during this COVID-19 event.  We continue to follow all safety protocols here in Corbin, KY to protect our workforce and their loved ones from possible infection.

As of today, we continue to remain fully operational.  However, with state closures beginning to encompass more and more entities, we are also implementing an internal plan that will allow our customer service contacts to work alternate schedules and/or from home if we are forced in that direction.  Appropriate continuing, or alternate, contact information will be forthcoming should that become necessary.

In the event your company has already taken alternate steps in your daily operations, we ask that you share your current status with us as well, so that we may better understand how to serve your current needs.  Any information you could possibly share with us regarding the markets you serve, as well as current or upcoming critical projects, would also be appreciated.

MPI has always taken great pride in our ability to support our customers.  Our company is in a very strong operational position to endure the temporary ramifications of this event. Please know that support will continue both through and beyond this difficult period.

Again, we wish you all the best as we all work our way back to global health and stability.

Yours truly,

Scott Willson
Chief Executive Officer

Trusted Custom Door & Frame Manufacturer

MPI  is a global custom door and frame manufacturer that is only limited by the imagination of the architect or designer that works with us. Excellence in quality and customer satisfaction, as well as our impressive capabilities when it comes to custom door and frame fabrication, has brought us recognition as a highly respected leader in the manufacturer of standard and custom steel doors and frames.

Our fabrication processes have been carefully developed to provide total quality control to our team of specialists. At the same time, our state-of-the-art fabrication processes still allow us complete flexibility in order to accommodate even the most complex of architectural designs. Great emphasis is placed on details rarely seen in the finished product to ensure complete success for our client's project.